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Our Nursery

We have over 150 species of hand grown plants in our nursery. Our stock of plants is the result of 15 years of careful selection of the most attractive and resistant traits and careful selection of only the very best examples to seed from.

Turf Services

Many new homes along the Pacific Coast have contracted our services to lay their lawns. Typically a lawn takes between one and two days to lay, and we usually do this with Zoysia grass. Zoysia grass feels great underfoot, doesn't grow too fast and is fairly resistant to some of the more common ailments that can affect grass here in Nicaragua.

Garden Design & Landscaping

We are able to design and landscape your dream tropical garden. Our extensive experience and intimate understanding of Nicaraguan flora & fauna can be to put to great use in designing the ultimate tropical garden. For example, we recommend plants that naturally repel mosquitoes of which there are several native to Nicaragua. You like seeing humming birds & butterflies? We know how to lure them in! Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us via the form below for further details or to arrange a consultation.

Location details for our Garden Center

How to Find Us from Managua?

Go through Masaya, and just after the Pali turn right. Follow the road as it winds up toward the white villages. Just after the big sign welcoming you to Catarina at the Centro Artesenias you'll see us on the right hand side of the road. We are located about 300 meters before the Catarina roundabout - so if you get to the roundabout, you've gone too far!

How to Find Us from Rivas or Granada?

Once you reach the triangle at the entrance to Mombacho, take the road heading north (signposted 'Masaya') towards the white villages. Keep on going past the village of San Juan de Oriente and over the main Catarina roundabout. We are located on the left hand side of the road some 300 meters after the roundabout.


Erick Nicaragua Carballo
Cellphone.: (505) 8486-1220. Fax.:(505) 2558-0394
email: erick@nicaraguagardencenter.com
Rotonda Catarina, 300 metros hacia Masaya.

Bismarck Nicaragua Carballo
Cellphone.: (505) 85778984. Fax.:(505) 2558-0394
email: bismarck@nicaraguagardencenter.com
Rotonda Catarina, 300 metros hacia Masaya.